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Visiting the ArtJail.

My First Prison®/Youth Study Center:
Admission is free but must be arranged through the Department of Corrections.

The Barnes Collection:
In keeping with the practices of Dr. Barnes, who was widely renowned for his unusual and elaborate admissions policies and who said, in the original charter of the Barnes Foundation:

"It will be incumbent upon the Board of Trustees to make such regulations as will ensure that it is the plain people, that is, men and women who gain their livelihood by daily toil in shops, factories, schools, stores and similar places, who shall have free access to the art gallery upon those days when the gallery is to be open to the public"

the price of admission to the collection is based on the income of the visitor.

• Individuals whose gross income for the previous year was lower than twice the federally-established poverty rate enjoy free admission to the collection. Check income here>>

• Above the free-admission income level an interview with one of our admissions staff (please bring proof-of-income documents) will determine the visitor's total gross income (from all sources). The approximate per-hour income of the applicant is determined by dividing this number by 2080, (52 weeks of work at 40 hours of work per week) and the visitor will pay one hour's income as determined by these calculations for admission to the collection. For instance; If your gross income for 2006 was $30.000 your cost of admission will be $14.50. A 200,000 income gives us an admission price of $96.00.

The Shops at The Barnes and the ARTSLOTS® Slots Parlor:
Admission is free to both the Shops and the Slots Parlor, but to get the most from either you'll want to pay the admission price for the Barnes Collection. Our unique ARTSLOTS® slot machines and all of the items featured on the The Fine Art Television Network® are scattered throughout the Collection and have been integrated into the updated "groupings" in each gallery so you can learn while you play and shop.

The lobby of the ArtJail.
Some of our visitors never make it past the lobby! The Media Skin technology that enlivens the exterior of the ArtJail also provides a constantly changing mediascape in the lobby featuring artworks from the Barnes Collection and educational information about prisons, crime, emprisonment, poverty, and other subjects.
The lobby of the ArtJail. The lobby space is pierced dramatically by a skyway gallery full of Barnes masterpieces and by a series of My First Prison® cells; a dramatic demonstration of the visual mingling of the two educational institutions. In the background is the ArtJail Walk; a footpath through the old wooded lot that the ArtJail replaced has been maintained and allows people to pass through the center of the ArtJAil complex without entering the building.
The lobby of the ArtJail. The Art Divider exhibition case provides a physical division between the Barnes and My First Prison® entrance halls. An Important painting by Henri Matisse, "The Music Lesson" is permanently installed in the case. Anyone who passes through the My First Prison® security checkpoint can approach the painting and get a clear view from just a few feet away; it's on the Barnes side that things get interesting! The glass there can be changed with an electric current from perfectly clear to completely opaque. As each Barnes Collection visitor.

2007 HHS Poverty Guidelines

please multiply dollar amounts by 2 to see if you qualify for free admission to the Barnes Collection. back to main text ^

Size of Family Unit

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