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Albo Jeavons' ArtJail Project

A cutting-edge facade
We're bringing Philadelphia architecture into the 21st Century so that we can preserve the classical stylings of the old Barnes Foundation building; we've employed the latest glazing technologies to recreate the classic look of the original Barnes on the flat, translucent solar-power-collecting "skin" on the Parkway side of the ArtJail complex.
The skin wrapped around the other three sides of the building is made of a similar material with one big difference: it acts as a giant video screen! The screens enliven the neighborhood around the ArtJail with a shifting 24 hour picture show; advertising for the Barnes and the ArtSlots slot machine parlor, highlighting important artworks from the collection, showing provocative historical images relating to the Barnes and My First Prison®, and even showcasing artwork and videos produced by the inmates.

The ArtJail TVs
Tube-style televisions may be kind of "old-school" these days, but here at the ArtJail they're the latest thing. Just like most living rooms these days, the Parkway is now dominated by the always-on electronic babysitter; in fact, we have two:

The Fine Art Television Network®
All of The Fine Art Television Network® programming is available on standard cable TV, but to really appreciate the cultural experience you'll want to come on down to Philadelphia's beautiful Museum Row and shop while enjoying FATN® on the 100 foot tall screen that fronts one of the giant "television sets" that make up part of the Artjail structure. The big TVs are actually part of the building and behind the giant screen the Barnes mega-TV contains a fabulous retail experience; The Shops at The Barnes where you can buy all of the items featured on FATN®.

The Youth Study Center TV
will use sophisticated software to scan the cable TV spectrum 24 hours a day, seeking out and presenting a fractured, decontextualized audio/video montage of violent scenes of all types. In the unlikely event that there is a moment when there is no violent imagery on any of the cable stations, there will be a selection of scenes from violent video games available to fill in.
The space inside the giant TV contains administrative and dormitory space for My First Prison®.

The Media Skin: innovative multi-media on the Parkway.

Even if you never set foot inside a museum you can now enjoy fine art on the Parkway, thanks to the Barnes and the Fine Art Television Network®.

Exciting, stimulating sound and vision, 24 hours a day, brought to you by the Youth Study Center and My First Prison®.



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