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Albo Jeavons' ArtJail Project

Costumes and uniforms at the ArtJail.

Taking a cue from the Disney theme parks we've "themed" our institutions and made the ArtJail experience theatrical and fun for both the inmates and the employees. Everybody loves to dress up for special occasions and at the ArtJail every day is Halloween!

My First Prison®/Youth Study Center: Nothing says "prisoner" quite like black and white stripes, and when you add the chain-gang look that the inmates sport while working on our rooftop plantation and while traveling between different zones within the ArtJail complex, well; it really makes a statement. The kids love the urban styling of their uniforms, and those stripes just never go out of style! The plantation mode continues throughout the detention center, with a colorful cast of characters that includes overseers, school marms and masters, house servants, etc.

The Barnes Collection: We believe that one of the world's most valuable private art collections deserves a truly spectacular presentation, and who understood spectacle better than the French aristocracy during the reign of the Louis XIV the Sun King? All employees of the Barnes, from the custodial staff all the way up to the executive level are costumed in the the extravagant fashions of the glamorous denizens of the French royal court of Louis, and this theme carries over into the ornate House of Bourbon bar in the New Plantation Cafe.

We keep our costs down by manufacturing all of our uniforms on-site, using our "captive workforce" in the My First Prison® work/study areas.


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