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Albo Jeavons' ArtJail Project

The Big Sign at the ArtJail: a new cultural beacon for Philadelphia .

Topping out at 640 feet the Big Sign makes the ArtJail the tallest building in the Parkway neighborhood. Because of it's unique position in the cityscape the sign dominates the visual landscape from many directions and is visible from a great distance, especially at night. The sign is sure to become as recognizable a symbol of Philadelphia as the Liberty Bell. The diverse imagery of the sign appeals to a broad range of people - there's a little something for everyone! We've adapted the daring aesthetic strategy that Dr. Albert C. Barnes used in creating his famous groupings: mingling classic paintings with "low" and industrial cultural materials to create an visually pleasing educational experience.
The high-tech skin that makes up the front of the sign is photovoltaic; it's a solar collector that generates electricity whenever the sun shines. At night this electicity is used to light up the sign to provide a beacon for anyone searching for innovative education, beautiful art, and the finest in high-end design products.

ArtJail logo branded products available in the ArtJail shops. Some of the products are manufactured by inmates in the My First Prison® work/study program.
ArtJail coffee mug
ArtJail skateboard
ArtJail shopping bag


Albo Jeavons' ArtJail Project
Following in the footsteps of Dr. Barnes, the ArtJail sign "decreases the width of the gap between 'fine art' and 'industrial art'" by bringing together art by Matisse and Gauguin and examples of today's high-end design.

A comparison of the sizes of the Liberty Bell and the ArtJail Big Sign.
A size comparison between two great Philadelphia landmarks: the Liberty Bell and the ArtJail Big Sign.


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